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virginia, no one can warm you

virginia has turned me into a little girly wuss.

it’s 57 degrees out and I’m ready to put on my long underwear, earmuffs, knee-high wool socks, and bear skin coat. oh, and probably some clothing, too. at first when it started getting cold yesterday I was all like “oh, I can handle this. I’m from MASSACHUSETTS, bitches!” then I threw my head back and laughed evil-ly while people shivered past me in down vests and flannel-lined pants. suddenly, the cold pounced upon me like a rabid cougar.

now I’m…so…cold. I feel like if I had a beard, it would have icicles hanging off of it. or if I decided to lick a metal handrailing, my tongue would get stuck to it.

damn you, virginia. why can’t you just be normal?


because of my intense journalistic tendencies, I am committed to reporting to you the status of tropical storm hanna from the front.

I've got my eyes on the skies

I've got my eyes on the skies.

here are some photos I took of this terrible storm so you’ll feel like you were out there with me. even though you’re probably way too wussy to endure the elements like me. JUST LOOK AT THE RAINCOAT!



00--I almost was blown away taking this one

11:00--I almost was blown away taking this one

00--clearly, hanna is merciless

15:00--clearly, hanna is merciless

so, from my documentary photos, you can see what a fickle mistress lady weather can be. we’re not out of this yet–hanna may still have some tricks up her watery sleeves. I’ll keep you posted on any new developments.