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bathroom review: dunkin’ donuts


dunkin’ donuts, 1347 richmond rd., williamsburg, va

I have nothing bad to say about the dunkin’ donuts bathroom. it’s very clean and lovely. not to mention newly renovated. and, it smells like donuts.

also, if you have anything to do on richmond road, I would recommend using this bathroom beforehand, just in case. you never know what might happen. you might just get hit by someone coming out of one of the pancake houses or get stuck in traffic outside the confederate knick-knack store.

rating: 5 stars, bitches

ok, so I’ve reviewed two bathrooms so far and they both happen to be places that specialize in coffee. don’t judge me.

cutting-edge bathroom reviews


do you have a small bladder, like me?

do you perhaps drink too much coffee, also like me?

do you use public restrooms a lot…ok, like me?

well, you’re in luck. because I am going to start keeping active reviews of all the public bathrooms I use within my limited sphere of movement! I have a book, bathrooms of the berkshires in the works, but while that’s on hold–and should you happen to be in williamsburg– you will know exactly what bathrooms are safe to use! no, no…please, no applause. this is the least I could do to serve my fellow small-bladdered humans.

today’s bathroom: harbour coffee, 4260 Casey Blvd Williamsburg, VA

harbour coffee’s bathroom is nothing special, but it is always very clean. there is a sign on the wall that tells you how to properly wash your hands if you have problems with things like that. roommate melissa says that on her last trip, the toilet paper was rougher than usual, but hopefully that was just a one time thing. on the plus side, I have found that there has always been plenty of soap and they have recently installed a new paper towel dispenser!

rating: 4.5 (out of 5) for the rough toilet paper and slight funhouse quality of the mirror.

update: karen h. has reminded me that there was something on slate yesterday about an iphone app that performed this same bathroom monitoring function. well, I want you to know that I was thinking about this before the iphone was a glimmer in the eye of steve jobs. so there, fools.