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names I will consider when I become very rich and purchase a professional sports team

  • the fighting hobos (the inclusion of “fighting” is absolutely imperative here. it’s so much more FIERCE.)
  • the fighting unicorns ( I am picturing a logo somewhere along the lines of lisa frank. perhaps the unicorn would be winking. I don’t know. it’s a possibility.)
  • the fighting narwhals (kristin has suggested a mascot that skewers the other team with his or her tusk)
  • the fighting historical interpreters (for a team in williamsburg specifically)
  • the fighting semi-colons (self-explanatory in its awesomeness)

suggestions? I might just make you a shareholder on my team if I like your name…


in keeping with a theme, futuristic dancing

this is how we’re going to dance in the future.


you can play MASH online, you know. here.

here are my thrilling results: congrat

“Your husband’s name is your mom and you have 7 children. You’re a sailor who drives to work every day in a clear unicycle.

It’s truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with your mom in your apartment in belgium.”

mwahaha, I’m going to play this all day, just like in third grade. and I can’t wait to have a clear unicycle.