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futuristic fashion

I thought this article from the new york times about the rising popularity of futuristic fashion was pretty interesting. there are some pretty hilarious star trek outfits that I would love to see on real people. like this one:

fyi: the green hair is necessary to complete the look

fyi: the green hair is necessary to complete the look

to clarify, by “love” I mean laugh, point, and take a photo of them while they aren’t looking. personally, I think everyone should dress like the beastie boys from the “intergalactic” music video. who doesn’t look good in a white plastic jumpsuit tucked into yellow rubber boots? no one. that’s the answer. no one.

the best part of the whole article was a photo on the second page that showed how designers are emulating the great gazoo. HA!


pope makes fashion statement


pope benedict wants all the priests out there to get a little more adventurous with their attire. I mean, I personally have been taking fashion tips from the pope since he was elected to the papacy. but of course, I subscribe to the “papal fashion updates” e-newsletter, so I’m always on the cutting edge.