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names I will consider when I become very rich and purchase a professional sports team

  • the fighting hobos (the inclusion of “fighting” is absolutely imperative here. it’s so much more FIERCE.)
  • the fighting unicorns ( I am picturing a logo somewhere along the lines of lisa frank. perhaps the unicorn would be winking. I don’t know. it’s a possibility.)
  • the fighting narwhals (kristin has suggested a mascot that skewers the other team with his or her tusk)
  • the fighting historical interpreters (for a team in williamsburg specifically)
  • the fighting semi-colons (self-explanatory in its awesomeness)

suggestions? I might just make you a shareholder on my team if I like your name…


blossom v. clarissa

I really liked this post from jezebel taking on the great blossom v. clarissa battle. I was never much of a blossom girl myself, so…

clarissa definitely wins.

I mean, she was so cool! looking back, I can see how young liz’s decorating style was influenced by clarissa’s awesome digs. and remember her totally sweet computer programs and elvis the alligator and all those doc martens?

na-na-nananana…JUST DO IT!

skeleton fiiiiiight!

this still gives me the creeps.

joy of cooking recipes that sound disgusting, part 1

51S2SA5K1RL._SL500_AA280_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20_jellied clam juice ring

8 servings

->please read about gelatin, page 516.

clam juice or minced clams
water or vegetable juices
to make a palatable mixture. there should be 4 cups of liquid. season this with:
lemon juice and paprika
a few drops of worcester sauce

2 tablespoons gelatin
in 1/2 cup of the liquid.
heat just to the boiling point 1 cup of the liquid. dissolve the soaked gelatin in it. return it to the remaining liquid with the minced clams if they were used. pour in a wet 9-inch ring mold. chill until firm. invertĀ  the jelly onto a plate. fill the center with:
cottage cheese
surround it with:
tomato and cucumber slices
serve with:

the joy of cooking, page 97, 12 ed., 1964


you can purchase a case of 12 cans on minced clams on amazon for only $27.51!

my first dictionary

I don’t know about you, but I love learning the alphabet. I’m almost halfway through!

my first dictionary is an awesomely creepy website created by an awesomely twisted librarian where you can learn a new word each day, you little linguist, you!


smokey can really work a tiara


best amazon reviews ever.

“Unfortunately I already had this exact picture tattooed on my chest, but this shirt is very useful in colder weather.”

more hilarious reviews here.