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so, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a million days. I hop the millions of people who see this blog everyday will forgive me.

here is a photo of me before I grew eyes to make up for my laxity in posting.



sol lewitt

if you happen to be in my homeland, western massachusetts, you should definitely go to mass moca and see the three-floor retrospective of sol lewitt’s wall drawings. (sidenote: one of them strongly resembles the doomsday machine from star trek, I swear. can you tell I studied art history? intergalactic art history.)  they are beautiful, mind-blowing, and seizure-inducing, created by lewitt at different times in his career and lovingly recreated on the walls of the museum by dozens of poor and willing college students.  but if you can’t to them now, that’s ok because they are going to be there for twenty-five years. yes. twenty-five years.

this is me peeking around a corner, omg

this is me peeking around a corner, omg. I know this really doesn't show you anything, but whatever, fools. this isn't the new york times.


whoa! ( I stole these from my friend briee who is an awesome photographer.)

bananas have sides?


so I just went to a trivia night (my team won, BY THE WAY), and one of the questions was “how many sides does a banana have?”

bananas have sides?

apparently, the correct answer is “five sides.” a banana has FIVE SIDES.

how do you feel about this?

a patrick swayze christmas

courtesy of mystery science theater.


things I wanted to be when I grew up: part I

as I sat at my desk at 1:30 am this morning working on a final paper, I thought about what I wanted to be when I was a little liz. I wonder what little liz would say if she knew that in the future, young adult liz would still be doing homework. I think she probably would have cried. and maybe peed herself.

so, in honor of little liz, I present to you “things I wanted to be when I grew up: part I.”

thing one:

a shoe salesperson.


that’s right, not a grad student in american studies who sits at a desk for two days straight, panicking over a twenty page paper on citizenship, but someone WHO MEASURES FEET for a living. why? I’m not sure. I think maybe it was because I loved new shoes. I also loved getting my own feet measured, back when my feet were actually still growing. I liked slipping on those peds made of thin brown nylon, sometimes on my feet or sometimes on my hands just because I thought it was funny. I liked putting my foot on that metal frame with the place to put your heel and the little slidy mechanism that pointed the way to the perfect fit. I did not just want to sell shoes generally–oh no. I wanted to sell shoes at martin’s and only martin’s, a shoe store on the bottom floor of my father’s office building. sadly, martin’s is no longer in exisitence, so even if I bomb out of grad school, I can’t work there anyway.

payless, perhaps?


I hate them.

that is all.


things I want for christmas: part two

il_430xn47895413this incredibly strange sketch of obama and an alien.

I will hang it next to my velvet elvis.


just thought I’d share this recipe from epicurious because it’s the best soup I’ve ever made. SO GOOD.

recipe for spicy garbanzo bean and turkey sausage soup

make it. you won’t regret it.


a tire almost fell off my car on the way back to virginia from massachusetts.
I thought perhaps the thud thud thud sound coming from the back of the car was the pavement itself?
perhaps it was all the shit in the car that hadn’t been there on the trip up?
perhaps there was someone in the trunk, trying to get out?
surprisingly, no.
then what was the mysterious, and increasingly louder thudding sound that plagued my every thought as we traveled down the new york thruway and into the garden state?

thankfully, a crusty old mechanic at the last rest stop in new jersey noticed the problem by the soft glow of his flashlight and tightened up my loose lugnuts that were barely holding the tire on anymore. he then continued to stare at me with incredulity, seemingly in disbelief that I would not have noticed my loose lugnuts.

moral of the story:

if you tried to steal my tire, I will kill you.


the delights of subversive cross stitch

so, I love subversive cross stitch.


I’d like to try one out over my upcoming winter break. maybe I’ll make one up myself. maybe I’ll even send you one as a gift. YOU NEVER KNOW.
you may not know this about me, but I used to be quite handy with the cross stitching.
shhh. don’t make fun.

anyway, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. or lack thereof.

p.s. here’s a link to other delightful cross stitches on flickr if you’d like to check them out.