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on virginia and vanity plates

it seems that everyone in the great state of virginia has a vanity plate. DID YOU KNOW that the first virginia resident to have a vanity plate was thomas jefferson? it’s true. here is a representation of what it looked like:

apparently, these special, special plates are only $10 here. after doing some scholarly research on this intriguing topic, I found this article, which states that one in ten of the nation’s vanity plates are in virginia. one in ten! and there are practically fifty states!

the problem I have with vanity plates is not the sheer dumbness of their existence, no, but the fact that I am convinced that I am going to get in an accident someday trying to decipher one.

for example, see this plate here.

now, maybe a logical explanation would be that REDSNAK translates to “red snake” since the car is a cobra. but what if, in fact, REDSNAK means “red snack”? what if the driver prefers red snacks to all other kinds of snacks? tomatoes, doritos, apples–all of these are quite good snacks (“snaks”). or, what if the owner of this car simply can’t spell?

I think these are all reasonable arguments. I’m sure glad I’m not driving right now, because I probably would have just rearended  mr. or ms. redsnak.

so, what would your vanity plate say? tell me.

p.s. tee hee