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stop alien abductions


a public service announcement by me, liz.

have you or someone you love been abducted by aliens?

would you like to keep it from happening again?

need a way to keep aliens from reading your thoughts or communicating with you through their all-powerful telepathy?

stop alien abductions with the thought screen helmet!

from the website:

“You’ve got to remember these beings are telepathic beings. They tap right into your thoughts. I don’t want anybody tapping into my thoughts….You want to have individual expression, individual thoughts. You want to be able to do what you want to do without anybody knowing. And in their society, that’s not necessarily true. It’s a different kind of society.”

Prof. David Jacobs, Temple University
Author of The UFO Controversy In America,
Secret Life, The Threat, and
UFOs and Abductions.

wow. just wow.

things I want for christmas: part two

il_430xn47895413this incredibly strange sketch of obama and an alien.

I will hang it next to my velvet elvis.

this is some weird shit right here

oh my lord.

cascadian farms is WEIRD.