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dinosaur kingdom

august 039

yes, that is a union soldier about to be devoured by a tyrannosaurus rex.

this weekend, I went to dinosaur kingdom in natural bridge, virginia, a weird, alternate universe where the union army has tried to harness the power of the mighty dinosaurs and failed miserably. the “kingdom” is picturesquely situated along a wooded path, the sylvan glen echoing with the angry growls of dinosaurs set to a soundtrack much like the one my mother played one halloween.

august 024

what. the. hell.

then of course there was the mighty two-headed tortoise, taunting one soldier by sipping from his canteen…

august 044

…and of course the terrible moment when a rogue velociraptor stole the gettysburg address from abraham lincoln.

august 032

I can’t tell how lincoln feels here. is he angry? sad? suffering from writer’s block? helplessly bullied by a prehistoric pest?

while in natural bridge, we also stopped at foamhenge, which was created by the same man who started the dinosaur park.


august 005

apparently, this is was made in the same dimensions as the actual stonehenge, and it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing the real thing. my only regret is that I forgot my druid robe.




there are no words to express how delicious this panezella was. I used heirloom tomatoes and it was just…so…good.

here’s the recipe from smitten kitchen. make it. really.

scottish adventure

on monday, I’m going to scotland.

I will be spending three days on this.