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thoughts on cake decoration

if you’re looking to decorate some cakes, never buy wilton’s color mist food color spray. it comes in a cool aerosol can but smells like the highly flammable piss of satan.


however, here is a photo of a cake my friends and I decorated at our dear friend katie-rose’s wedding party. the blue is from–WILTON’S COLOR SPRAY, which is fine if you don’t mind your cake smelling like an old lady hair salon or a propane tank. be forwarned: this carousel-themed cake rocks pretty hardcore. I mean, how many cakes do you see with fruit snacks and matches?

ok, we didn’t eat the matches.

please notice the gorilla in a bikini.

please notice the gorilla in a bikini.

securing my academic cred

so I think I’ll start carrying around a pipe in order to secure my academic cred. I believe that people would take me much more seriously if kept a nice pipe on my person and took it out whenever I had to think. I could lean back in my chair, knit my brow, and gently perch the pipe off of my pouting lower lip. then, it wouldn’t even matter if I actually said anything worthwhile in class. it wouldn’t even matter if I felt completely stupid. observers would see my intellectual prop and be all like “look at liz. she’s so serious and intelligent. I am INTIMIDATED by her academic cred!” just a thought.

that's right it's not a pipe.

that's right it's not a pipe.

nicholas sparks

nicholas sparks must be one rich bastard.

I hope someday that I, too, can write absolute crap and make boodles of money.

just a thought.