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taking suggestions


so you may not know this about me, but I write poems for the presidents on their birthdays. since I’ve gotten to grad school, however, my aspiration to write one poem for each one has gone right down the toilet. my muse is gone. maybe she’s in prison or maybe she was run over by a car. I don’t know. regardless, I haven’t penned a presidential ode since august.

today is FDR’s birthday and I NEED to write one for him. he is the only president thus far to truly elude me. there’s just so much to say. so, I am writing to you to ask for help. do you have any suggestions for what I might say about franklin? c’mon, friends. the man needs a poem.

christian bale and kermit



a lovely comparison of christian bale and kermit the frog here. the similarities may shock you.

spock matzoh

my crafty friend sarah updates me with new developments in the world of star trek craftiness. first, there was a tribble rug. then, a star trek cross stitch. so I looked for more, and…

here is a matzoh with spock’s face on it.


see more geeky, star trek inspired crafts here in this flickr group. I had no idea this was such a widespread phenomenon.

stop alien abductions


a public service announcement by me, liz.

have you or someone you love been abducted by aliens?

would you like to keep it from happening again?

need a way to keep aliens from reading your thoughts or communicating with you through their all-powerful telepathy?

stop alien abductions with the thought screen helmet!

from the website:

“You’ve got to remember these beings are telepathic beings. They tap right into your thoughts. I don’t want anybody tapping into my thoughts….You want to have individual expression, individual thoughts. You want to be able to do what you want to do without anybody knowing. And in their society, that’s not necessarily true. It’s a different kind of society.”

Prof. David Jacobs, Temple University
Author of The UFO Controversy In America,
Secret Life, The Threat, and
UFOs and Abductions.

wow. just wow.

man donates eyebrows to charity

when I first read this headline, I was all like “I didn’t know that doctors can do eyebrow transplants! let me donate my eyebrows to someone who has not the ability to grow their own!”

but that’s not what the article was about.

72-year old Si Burgher raised $1600 for polio research by giving members of a local Rotary Club chances (charging $100 a chance) to help shave off his three inch long eyebrows. I wish more people out there would commit a similar act of generosity and grooming. for the sake of all of us.


morris dancing


have you ever seen morris dancing? well, I have. and it’s terrifying. it consists of jolly teams of absurdly dressed british men and women with short little pants and pieces of colorful cloth and bells tied to their knees. they skip about in a circle, waving hankies, and then they bang sticks (or, as in the one rollicking ballyhoo I witnessed, rolling pins) together, accompanied by a accordion.

here is a video of morris dancing so you can see for yourself.

there is really no point to this post. I just wanted to mention morris dancing. huzzah!



that sounds like a winning combination! I know care bears always scare the crap out of me.

from here.

annoying commercials: the snuggie

I’ve been watching tv a lot recently and I keep seeing this ad. I love how they’re all like “ahh, I can’t find my hands in this blanket, ahhhh.”


thoughts on cake decoration

if you’re looking to decorate some cakes, never buy wilton’s color mist food color spray. it comes in a cool aerosol can but smells like the highly flammable piss of satan.


however, here is a photo of a cake my friends and I decorated at our dear friend katie-rose’s wedding party. the blue is from–WILTON’S COLOR SPRAY, which is fine if you don’t mind your cake smelling like an old lady hair salon or a propane tank. be forwarned: this carousel-themed cake rocks pretty hardcore. I mean, how many cakes do you see with fruit snacks and matches?

ok, we didn’t eat the matches.

please notice the gorilla in a bikini.

please notice the gorilla in a bikini.