I am the worst

I feel like I did when I used to try and keep a diary. I’d write an entry and end with something like “I am very bad at keeping a diary.” Then the next entry, 5 months later, “I told you I was bad at this!!!”

So anyway, 2 years later. I told you I was bad at this!!!

the smallest pigs in the world

today at hancock shaker village.

my first early attempts at cake decoration

I have been taking a cake decorating class at a local college for two weeks now, and have begun my slow, occasionally pathetic climb toward becoming a master cake decorator.

here are my first early attempts at roses:

I don’t know if you can really see how terrifying my hands looked here, but they were SO PINK.

I kept forgetting what had happened to my hands, and I’d look down every once and a while and have a momentary panic attack about the vivid hue of my finger flesh.

our cake decorating professor made us do rabbits for our first cake, being a few days before easter and all. I had no desire to do so, but heeded her demands.

it looked ok. please forgive me for the yellowness of my bunny–I was forced to render him thusly.

I am enjoying this. I am creeped out by the vast amount of crisco (excuse me, vegetable shortening) that goes into my frosting, so if anyone knows a recipe for a nice, stiff frosting, good for making flowers etc., that does NOT have crisco in it, I would really appreciate the suggestion.

I’m going through the hay to your home

to quote, “ha ha ha ha ha!”

the loneliness of the prospect park port-a-potty

majestic, isn’t it?

presidents’ day!!!!!!!!

is the best holiday because everyone always puts the apostrophe in the wrong place and through shaming these people, I can boost my self-esteem for the entire day.

this image above is doubly ridiculous because the creator has not only misplaced the apostrophe, but he or she has replaced the presidential faces on mount rushmore with the actors from the twilight movies. I am pretty sure none of these people were ever president. except maybe in tweensylvania.

selleck waterfall sandwich

"featured sandwich: italian."