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what nerdy birthday cake will I get next year?

so, today is my birthday. and for the last two years, my friends have supplied me with very, very nerdy birthday cakes.

here’s last year’s presidential extravaganza, courtesy of sarah, teresa, monica, jamie, dani, and roz:


as you can see, it features a lovely photograph of teddy roosevelt and william howard taft.

and this year’s, courtesy of melissa and kristin:


an avocado green cake, featuring the star trek insignia and a mix-cd with a star trek photo on the cover.

I guess my challenge for this next year is to acquire yet another nerdy interest so that it may be illustrated on my 2010 birthday cake. renaissance fairs? dungeons and dragons? I am open to suggestions.

nerds and interpretive dance

oh man, just click here.

dancing+scientists=a dynamite combination.

american studies interpretive dance, anyone?