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I hate them.

that is all.


securing my academic cred

so I think I’ll start carrying around a pipe in order to secure my academic cred. I believe that people would take me much more seriously if kept a nice pipe on my person and took it out whenever I had to think. I could lean back in my chair, knit my brow, and gently perch the pipe off of my pouting lower lip. then, it wouldn’t even matter if I actually said anything worthwhile in class. it wouldn’t even matter if I felt completely stupid. observers would see my intellectual prop and be all like “look at liz. she’s so serious and intelligent. I am INTIMIDATED by her academic cred!” just a thought.

that's right it's not a pipe.

that's right it's not a pipe.

oh woe.

grad school is rough on smokey, too.

grad school is rough on smokey, too. DAMN YOU, MARGARET MEAD!

grad school is breaking my spirit. I’m like a unicorn without its rainbow. american studies is hard.
maybe I will drop out and go to clown school. I can be the melancholy clown that dropped out of grad school.

speaking of clown school, have you heard about the 2009 naked clown calendar?
I want to know what clowns eat for thanksgiving. please get it for me for christmas. consult amongst yourselves first, though. I can’t have more than one. ok, four. I can have four. one for each wall.

compact shelving

here is what I looked like yesterday at the library when my book was hidden in a unit of compact shelving and the compact shelving wouldn’t let me in to get it and I was concerned that one of my classmates was close behind me, waiting to take advantage of my weakness and snatch up the book before me, thus forcing me to actually go to the bookstore and buy it.

p.s. ultimately, I triumphed over the compact shelving.