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“can you recommend a good chinese restaurant?”

this “diversity spotlight” made me laugh so much.

just a sample, on dealing with asian coworkers when you just can’t keep your racist mouth shut:

  • You must be the new IT person.
  • All Asians are not IT professionals.

also, this is the first image you find when you do a google image search of “diversity”:



space mutiny

so right now I’m watching space mutiny-a visionary, intergalactically brilliant piece of south african sci-fi–on mystery science theater. I’m not entirely sure what the plot is right now, but it’s full of lots of wide, triangular space shoulders, half-naked space men wrapped in space saran wrap, space priestesses, crazy space hair, space hula hoops, and plenty of hi-cut space leotards.

note how much funnier things are when you put “space” in front of them.

I really just wanted to share an image of these “space leotards.” if this isĀ  the future of intergalactic fashion, I never want to go into space. I’m just too modest!

that's just indecent.

that's just indecent.