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candy corn

I just wanted to give a shout out to candy corn, the most delicious candy in the world. it’s way better than indian corn. that stuff is nasty.

remember: october 30 is national candy corn day.

smokey has SAD and it’s only been fall for two days

after one cold, blustery, virginia autumn day, we think that smokey might already have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). he has taken to moping under a desk lamp–his head wedged tightly between the wall and the desk–acting crazed, reading victoria’s secret catalogs, and eating inordinate amounts of kitty food. soon he’s going to be a real chub. maybe I’ll dress him up like santa claus. that would cure my SAD, at least.


need...light...therapy! oh SAD!

legends of the fall

even here in ungodly hot virginia, it seems that fall is upon us. whenever I think of fall, I think of elementary school. and whenever I think of elementary school, I think of picture day. I remember the excitement of those little plastic combs and picking an awesome background. though there were no sylvan glens or leather bound libraries for little liz–my parents never let me get anything other than the “traditional” backdrop.

let’s take a sentimental journey through my life via my picture day pictures, shall we?

kindergarten. apparently I was really sick on picture day, so my father brought me in just so I could partake in the day’s photo festivities. as you can see, I was obviously afraid to open my mouth for fear of barfing all over the place. also, I was probably totally bummed that my parents wouldn’t let me have a kickass background. the traditional gray really makes my feverish cheeks stand out.

first grade. I had no front teeth and a bowl cut. I smile like I have forgotten the bitter sting of not being allowed to have a kickass background.

second grade. I wore a red and white striped dress, and the photographers unfortunately allowed us to choose our own background color. I chose green. my parents subsequently yelled at me for making my school picture look like a christmas card. perhaps they were right about the plain background…

third grade. the year of my glasses. my first pair of glasses covered more than half of my face, but despite the ginormous glasses, this is by far my cutest picture. I have regained my front teeth and I’m wearing my favorite dress–a sassy little number with different colored sleeves AND and ice skating kitten. it was awesome.

let’s fast forward to seventh grade, the last time I had a school picture taken. notice my large, though slightly smaller glasses. also, my very fashionable mullet and the rash on my neck, which was a this time diagnosed as a tropical skin disease. in massachusetts. what you don’t see in this picture, however, is the pair of black stirrup pants that I was surely wearing.

ah, fall!