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I’m going through the hay to your home

to quote, “ha ha ha ha ha!”

a revelation for tiny-bladdered people everywhere!


omg, I just heard about RunPee, a website that tells you the best time to get up and scamper to the bathroom.

for example, wolverine: “RunPee is approximately 50 minutes into the movie when…Right after Wolverine discovers his new claws in the bathroom.”

AND, to top it all off, the site has brief spoilers to let you know what you’ve missed while you were peeing!


my first dictionary

I don’t know about you, but I love learning the alphabet. I’m almost halfway through!

my first dictionary is an awesomely creepy website created by an awesomely twisted librarian where you can learn a new word each day, you little linguist, you!


this is my kind of kid



omg, amazing


no one wants to play sega with harrison ford, by brandon bird

no one wants to play sega with harrison ford, by brandon bird

new favorite word: unbepissed

here‘s an article about ammon shea, a dude who read the entire oxford english dictionary (20 volumes) from cover to cover.

it mentions my new favorite word: unbepissed.

it means “not having been urinated on; unwet with urine.”

words are cool.

p.s. here is the book shea wrote about his adventures.

this is brilliant

an anti-theft lunch bag!