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smokey is a cylon

august 007


smokey can really work a tiara


smokey has SAD and it’s only been fall for two days

after one cold, blustery, virginia autumn day, we think that smokey might already have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). he has taken to moping under a desk lamp–his head wedged tightly between the wall and the desk–acting crazed, reading victoria’s secret catalogs, and eating inordinate amounts of kitty food. soon he’s going to be a real chub. maybe I’ll dress him up like santa claus. that would cure my SAD, at least.


need...light...therapy! oh SAD!

perverted cat

I think our cat smokey is slightly perverted. I caught him perusing the victoria’s secret catalog this evening.

I could be wrong, though. maybe he’s just in the market for a lingerie for a lady cat friend. or himself.


smokey: caught!