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blossom v. clarissa

I really liked this post from jezebel taking on the great blossom v. clarissa battle. I was never much of a blossom girl myself, so…

clarissa definitely wins.

I mean, she was so cool! looking back, I can see how young liz’s decorating style was influenced by clarissa’s awesome digs. and remember her totally sweet computer programs and elvis the alligator and all those doc martens?

na-na-nananana…JUST DO IT!

in honor of halloween

in honor of halloween, I have decided to share with you a photo of me as a hobo from my second halloween on this planet. some of you may have seen this before. if so, too bad. you’ll just have to look at it again.

here is little liz, the saddest hobo ever. but whoa! check out that stogie! I was so hardcore!