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babies in boxes

did you know that babies should be kept in ventilated boxes hanging out of open windows?

well, they should.

the twenty top-most books in print at prefent

from a 1783 copy of the onion. read the entire issue here.

banned books week!

it’s banned books week! let’s all celebrate our freedom to read and pick up one of these oh-so-salacious books. well, you can. I’m buried up to my bespectacled eyes with reading for my classes (note: I would totally ban these books) so if you want, you can certainly read one for me. make it really illicit, please.

here’s a list of the 100 most challenged books in the U.S. between 1990 and 2000. I’ve only read 29 of them–mostly the books for kids. and no, I never read ANY of the goosebumps books. I used to really brag about this fact in sixth grade.

I can totally understand why where’s waldo? is on that list, though. all that hiding and shit. it’s really very suspicious. I mean, have you ever wondered why he’s hiding? why is he always on the run? what do we know about him? does he even have a last name? those trustworthy glasses and goofy smile may charm us, but serial killers are charming, too. maybe he’s leading us on a wild goose chase while he’s off on another page, claiming his next victim. maybe those red stripes are actually blood.

for shame, waldo. FOR SHAME.

serial killer?

waldo: serial killer or ramblin' man?

p.s. I looked up the cause of waldo’s banishment, and apparently there’s a boob in one of the crowd scenes. interesting.

compact shelving

here is what I looked like yesterday at the library when my book was hidden in a unit of compact shelving and the compact shelving wouldn’t let me in to get it and I was concerned that one of my classmates was close behind me, waiting to take advantage of my weakness and snatch up the book before me, thus forcing me to actually go to the bookstore and buy it.

p.s. ultimately, I triumphed over the compact shelving.