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babies in boxes

did you know that babies should be kept in ventilated boxes hanging out of open windows?

well, they should.


mmm! canned meats!

here’s a lovely selection of vintage canned meat advertisements.

I like this one. the idea of whole, “all-meat weiners” in a can with a complimentary “sack o’ barbecue sauce” just tickles me.


oh good lord

I can’t even look at this angry little dog again or I’ll start laughing.


oh man, here I go again…

from here.

“can you recommend a good chinese restaurant?”

this “diversity spotlight” made me laugh so much.

just a sample, on dealing with asian coworkers when you just can’t keep your racist mouth shut:

  • You must be the new IT person.
  • All Asians are not IT professionals.

also, this is the first image you find when you do a google image search of “diversity”:


awful tattoos

I don’t have a tattoo, but I sure love seeing the horrible, horrible mistakes of others. this one of jesus is pretty awesomely bad.

omg-lol_1392151ifrom this slideshow about bad tattoos. some of them aren’t too awful–I mean, ALF? who wouldn’t want that tattooed onto their bulging bicep?

and what about you, friends? do you have any awesomely bad tattoos of your own? have you ever felt the insane desire to get one? maybe I’ll get one of bea arthur as maude. that would be pretty super.

happy easter

this has nothing to do with easter.

for digestion’s sake, smoke a camel


I know that I always buy what america’s aquatic stars tell me to buy.

also, did you know that camels help the digestion? amazing! it’s better than activia!

from here.