don’t buy bulletproof glass on craigslist

it may or may not actually “stop” “bullets.”

“bullet proof” glass (westside)

Date: 2010-01-31, 10:57AM EST
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i have a piece of “bullet proof” acrylic plastic that came out of a local bank a few years ago, its 40″ x 40″ x 1.25″ its a little dusty from sitting around but its yours if you want it.

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I like tapas and all

and I understand they are for sharing, but really, this was ridiculous.

five full-grown young ladies shouldn’t have to split three spears of zucchini, one slice of red onion, and three sweet potato medallions. I mean, this is just madness. the waitress could have said “you should order two of those,” or maybe she was a sadistic waitress–one who enjoyed watching us cut one slice of onion into five pieces. she also brought it out first, by itself, probably thinking “ha ha, this will be hil-ar-i-ous!” as our faces dropped and felt that $7 rapidly leaving our pockets.

this is a warning to you, friends. if you go to the mission bar in pittsfield and feel like having some grilled vegetables, I hope you order something else. unless you’re all like “oh boy, I could really go for a slice of grilled onion right now. but just one slice–two would be just too much.”

a thought

it’s weird to see someone you went to elementary school with on a reality television show.

should I try this again?

weird. and kind of creepy.

overheard in north adams

place: brew ha ha

time: 11:15 a.m.

(man fills large coffee cup and sits down at a table next to the window. he takes out his cell phone.)

man: hi, hi there! yes…yes, I just got out of prison yesterday. yes…

now, I know this really isn’t that strange. I do concede that as a conversation opener, it’s a doozy. but did this man actually just get out of prison? was he joking, using “prison” as a metaphor for some other place or situation that he found unpleasant or confining? and would it have been inappropriate for me to ask him if he had actually just gotten out of prison?

I will be thinking about this all day.


I have nothing to update.

IMG_3873except that katie-rose and I saw a really awesome shoe exhibition at the fuller craft museum in brockton last weekend, where “the art touches you.”




from kochansky's etsy shop

from kochansky's etsy shop

found here.